The Magic of Body Flight near Hotel in Tukwila

22 Nov

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What’s Indoor Skydiving all about?

When you have the fear of looking down at the earth while you’re 15,000 feet above without a parachute, but would love to have the thrill, then indoor skydiving might just be the thing for you. Your flight takes place inside a flight chamber. You must be properly geared in a jumpsuit, goggles, and helmet for comfort and safety. The chamber is a vertical wind tunnel chamber powered by a strong, consistent stream of air generated by fans underneath a grate in the floor. Air is compressed inside and as it speeds up in a column enabling you to be lifted, you’ll realize you are already flying.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll be spending a lot of time preventing yourself from spinning around. You’ll discover that the slightest tweaking of your arms and legs causes your body to move up, down or sideways. When you extend your arms out with palms down – like a superhero flying in the sky – slight changes in palm angles allow you to steer yourself.

The sport is called body flight, sometimes indoor skydiving, and is one of the most exciting air sports to experience. First-timers and even pros, like skydivers, use the flight chambers to practice, learn maneuvers, or come in just for the enjoyment and the fun. There are always trained instructors or coaches for the asking so there is no worry if children are trying out body flight.

The Thrill of Flying in Tukwila

If somebody’s having a birthday while you’re out here staying at our hotel in Tukwila near SeaTac Airport, we can gladly show you where the best birthday gift can be had. iFly Indoor Skydiving is just a few minutes away. Give the gift of flight to somebody you love. Or have a blast yourself. We at SeaTac Airport Hotel only give you the best of experiences.

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